Video Conferencing, and So Much More
November 27, 2014

In addition to world-class video conferencing, the Mondopad offers a host of features designed to boost productivity. With the Mondopad, you can:

  • Let Creativity Flow
    the Mondopad is a fully equipped digital whiteboard
  • Connect and Share Data
    a range of video and USB ports, plus built-in wireless, offer extensive connectivity
  • Annotate Anything
    from HD videos to spreadsheets to slideshow presentations – any form of content is your canvas
  • Collaborate Together
    with five touch points, your team can write, adapt, and brainstorm ideas all in the same workspace
  • Expand and Customize
    take full advantage of the power of Windows 7 Pro and Microsoft Office right out of the box
Video, Conferencing,
Video Conferencing, and So Much More